Verification Key Points

  1. Verification Key Points:
  2. File format: PDF (Templates can be downloaded at: http://ethesys.lib.fcu.edu.tw/web_root/epaper/FCU_EMBA_thesis.doc ) File name: student ID no.
  3. Content sequence:
    • A. Cover (with title)
    • B. A copy of the Certificate of Approval signed by the Advisor and Advisory Committee
    • C. (Acknowledgements and/or foreword)
    • D. Abstract in Chinese, with Chinese keywords
    • E. Abstract in English, with English keywords F. Table of Contents (List of Tables) (List of Figures) (Figure Legend)
    • G. Main body of thesis (chapters should be in order)
    • H. References
    • I. (Appendix)
      Note: Do not include a scan of your Letter of Authorization for Electronic Thesis/Dissertation in the electronic file to avoid unauthorized disclosure of personal information.
  4. Verification Points:
    • On top of the page: place title of thesis/dissertation on upper left corner.
    • At the end of the page: put the following line in the lower right corner (according to the language your thesis/dissertation is in):
      ※ Chinese: 逢甲大學e-Theses & Dissertations (102學年度)
      ※ English: FCU e-Theses & Dissertations (2014)
    • Add the FCU watermark on each page
      (Download link: http://ethesys.lib.fcu.edu.tw/web_root/epaper/images/fcu-cmyk0725.jpg)